Freightliner MT45 M2 19.5" Single Front Cover 6 lugs 2 Holes

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Part Number:WCF195MT45

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Scratch or dent or lose a front wheel cover?  Fortunately you don't have to buy a whole set. This is a single stainless front wheel cover for the Freightliner MT45 with 19.5" wheels, 6 lugs, and 2 hand holes.  Bolts on over the wheel.

If you would like the jam nuts - no charge for these - please tell us what side cover you are buying, drivers side or curb side, in the comments when you place your order.  If you buy two covers - one for each side - jam nuts are included in the box.

This is the one that isn't easy to find, so we bought as many as we could get our hands on. In stock!

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