23" LED Light Fixture by Thin-Lite

Your Price: $52.00
Part Number:LED23-F
Thin-lite LED fixtures are the leader in this category of LED lights.  The first model of the 23" light included a dimming feature.  If you don't need to dim your lights, this new model, the Flex light, saves you money.  It doesn't dim, has an on/off switch, and is identical in every other way to the dimming model.

This 1785 lumen 12 volt LED fixture by Thin-Lite is 23.25" long. It has a modern low profile look with a 2.5" width and low profile 1.25" height, which makes it ideal for under-shelf use.  Can also be used on the ceiling.  The low lens gives it a sleek modern look.  Black ends.

There are 48 LEDs in this fixture.   Low amp draw of .80 amps is easier on your batteries.  On/Off/ switch. 

Light up your truck and save your batteries with these LED lights by Thin-Lite!

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