33" LED Light Fixture Dimmable Thin-Lite

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Part Number:LED33
This 2,745 lumen 12 volt LED fixture is 33.25" long, 2.5" wide and 1.25" tall, which makes it ideal for under-shelf use as well as for overhead lighting. The low profile lens gives it a sleek modern look.  It is very bright.  The fluorescent light is replaces is only 850 lumens. 

There are 72 LEDs in this fixture. LED amp draw is 0.40 to 1.25 amps. Operates on 8 to 30 volts DC, perfect for a 12 volt Truck system.  On/Off/Dimming switch. Made in the USA.

Save your batteries, light up your truck with LED fixtures by Thin-Lite!

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