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50' increments 3/16" bungee cord BLACK

Part Number BC50
50' increments 3/16" bungee cord BLACK
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Need just a little bit of bungy cord (also known as lacing, shock cord, elastic cord)? - we sell it in 50' increments. Buy as many increments as you like - we will cut it off our 500' roll and send it to you. Need 150'? Buy 3 sections. This is the good stuff - 3/16" diameter, which is the larger of the two commonly used sizes, the other being 1/4".   Note:  1/4" is typically found only on some pre-2000 trucks.  If you have a Tool Truck built 2000 or later,  you probably have 3/16".

50' Increments available in black only.  500' and 1000' rolls are readily available in black, red, and blue.  Please ask about other colors.

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