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The world's best security device for your Tool Truck is here! Imagine how you would feel if you came out in the morning or back from lunch or vacation and it isn't parked where you left it.  One poor distributor went to his storage area and his truck was gone.  Because it was dark the security cameras there didn't pick up a thing. 

Protect yourself!  With this tracker you will be notified the moment your truck moves out of your pre-designated area - your "electronic fence" - and you can pinpoint its exact location in seconds on your computer or smartphone.

This Talon-brand GPS tracking device allows you to locate your Tool Truck electronically - before the Police driving around can find it, before it has been driven three counties away and put in a garage, and hopefully before any of your inventory is missing. Just log in to your account and click on locate.  A map pulls up with great detail and pinpoints your location. 
And as a personal safety measure, you can give your loved ones and trusted associates account access so everyone knows where you are too.

This from Tom: "when I was in the Tool Truck leasing business, we had an average of 6 trucks stolen every year.  Most of the time the police found a stripped or burned truck, too late to do any good.  And when a truck was stolen, word often got around, and the thieves went back and got a
nother.   I testified in a court case once where all they found were chopped up pieces of charred aluminum buried in the desert.  One piece had the VIN on it amazingly enough.

This is the same tracker used by "Buy Here Pay Here" lots to keep tab on customers.  The Talon uses real-time, on-demand location and tracking, advanced alert features, 24-hour web accessibility, interactive data visualization and mapping, and offers mobile tool dealers world-class GPS vehicle tracking.  The great thing about this GPS is it works wherever there is satellite coverage, which is virtually the entire US and most of Canada, and into Mexico.  There is another well known security device that works only in areas where Police have signed onto the program, great if you live in a large city but not so good in a rural area or small town.

The purchase price includes 1 year of tracking time, and renewals are very economical, currently only $15 a year. Easy to install with a screwdriver, digital volt meter, and wire strippers/crimpers. Free shipping to the US 48 states.  Everyone should have one!  Bonus:  It's portable, so if you sell your truck you can move it to your next truck or your personal vehicle.

Best peace of mind money can buy!


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