LED Strip Light Quick Connector (2 are included with strip)

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The LED light strips we sell can be cut every three diodes, which is about every 2". This makes for an easier install when you are working under-shelf. Once you cut a strip, there are two ways to wire the light strip into your truck lighting system. One, solder wires onto the cut ends. Or Two, use this inexpensive Quick Connect. It has a crimp-able connector on one end and two wires on the other end.

Before you buy this, please know you will get 2 for every roll of strip light you purchase.  if you need more, here they are.

Here are the steps:

1. Measure the length of LED strip you need.
2. Look at the strip and locate a cutting line, which is located every three diodes. To find a line, look for 4 copper colored dots with a vertical line between them.
3. With a razor blade, carefully cut along the line.
4. Peel back the gel protective covering on the lights.
5. Line up the pins on the connector so they go directly through the copper dots and squeeze together.
6. Test your connection, wrap with electrical tape, and you're done.

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