LED White Light Strip, 16' long, adhesive backed, 12 volt

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Part Number:LED5MW
Here it is: a 16' LED light strip (5 meters) in bright white by the leader in LED strip lighting for mobile applications, Metra Electronics. The Metra "Install Bay" brand is known throughout the industry for its high quality and easy installation and is the choice of professionals in the car audio business.

These are not the low quality inexpensive light strips available online that we have been hearing about, these are the good ones. 

Use these strips under shelving for a nice bright white light that really illuminates your products, especially the chrome. You can run these on the ceiling too but we recommend two or more strips running parallel. 
There are 300 LEDs per roll.  If you want a ceiling strip light, it is recommended you use a 600 LED/5 meter roll.

More info:

Water resistant LED strip light.
White color.
12 volt DC.
300 LEDs per strip.
LED strip draws only 1.5 amps.
3M tape provides a good bond to any hard smooth surface.
You can cut it every third LED.

Easy installation - remove the tape from the back side and attach the strip to a hard clean surface. You have the option of removing your current fixtures and using all LED light strips or adding these alongside your current lighting.  An easy installation trick we hear is to stick the strip on the lens on the current fluorescent light. These strips are easily wired into your existing lighting wiring.

Convert your truck over to LED and extend your battery life and save forever on bulbs and ballast!

Take a look at our Quick Connectors if you plan on cutting the strips to fit. Our part LEDQC.  We include 2 connectors at no additional charge with every strip purchased.

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