Roll of 1/2" Velcro Dots 75' for small items

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Part Number:VEL25DOT-HT-2
These are small Velcro dots, 1/2".  These are good for smaller packages, skinny packages, etc.  They are white in color, not the usual black, but what the heck, you won't be seeing them again when your customer buys the tool in the package.  Comes in a 75' roll.  Limited quantity available.

Velcro dots like these are adhesive-backed. They are known as the "hook".  Just peel off the paper, stick the dot on the back of your packaged tools (or anything), and stick the package on your carpeted wall. The carpeted wall acts as the "loop".

Velcro dots allow you to remove, inspect, and replace a pre-packaged product without tearing the package. It takes an extra moment to attach the Velcro to the back of the package, but it's worth the time when the package isn't torn because it was stapled to a wall and removed by an over eager customer.

We also sell a continuous roll of Velcro strip and dots in varying widths.

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