Roll of Velcro 7/8" Dots 75'

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These are Velcro-brand dots (the "hook"). Now you can stop stapling to the walls and watching in horror as customers tear your packages when they pull one down to take a closer look.

Velcro dots are adhesive-backed. Just peel off the paper, stick the dot on the back of your packaged tools (or anything), and stick the package on your carpeted wall. The carpeted wall acts as the "loop" (we don't really know what that means or why they call it that, we just know that the dot will stick to the wall).

Velcro dots allow you to remove, inspect, and replace a pre-packaged product without tearing the package. It takes an extra moment to attach the Velcro to the back of the package, but it's worth the time when the package isn't torn because it was stapled to a wall and removed by an over eager customer.

This is the real "Velcro" brand. We also sell a continuous roll of Velcro strip in varying widths.

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