Side Door Handle for Sliding Doors, Use Key to Lock, Kason

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Function: this handle locks with the key, so you won't get locked out when customers fiddle with the button.  Whew!

Fits: the sliding door on most Utilimaster, Supreme, Union City, Grumman, and Morgan-Olson bodies 1986-Current. Will also fit the Alfred / Timpte sliding side doors with the 3/8" shaft, but WILL NOT fit the swing-out door (we offer that handle too). This is the handle found on virtually 100% of modern-era step vans and box trucks in the tool business today.   Includes 2 keys.

To lock, insert the key, turn it, push the cylinder in.  Here's a tip:  use your deadbolt for total security.

We send the 3/8" shaft handle unless you ask for the 5/16".  The majority of trucks in our industry have a Kason door handle with a 3/8" shaft.

Polished chrome finish; brass mechanism. 3/8" x 3 3/4" shaft, or 5/16" x 3 3/4" shaft (most are 3/8"). Measure the shaft by removing your door handle and using a 3/8" drive socket, insert the shaft into the ratchet end of the socket, not the end that grabs the nut. If the shaft fits snugly, it is 3/8". If it is loose, it is 5/16". Mounting holes are 4  7/8" top to bottom, and 1 15/16" center to center.

Note: Use with inside latches our Part# DS4000 (traditional slim handle) or Part# DS4002 (wider "web" handle). Special Note: if you have a Grumman body, this is not the exact replacement for the original handle with the double sided key, but it will work as a replacement. The double sided key is available only from Grumman (now Morgan-Olson) and it is on the expensive side.

Installation Note: the shaft on the new handle connecting the outside handle and inside latch might be (probably will be) longer than your current handle. This is no accident - Kason leaves it long so the handle will fit a variety of bodies and model years; no two body builders and bodies are exactly alike. Just cut the shaft off to match what you have now. * Please keep and re-use your current mounting bolts, they are not included.

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