Supreme Body Rear Door Handle 3.25" shank OEM

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Part Number:DSSUP3
This is a locking exterior Rear Door Handle, for trucks with a Supreme Body. It is most commonly found on 2000 - 2017 Supreme Inner City Bodies, and on Tool Trucks sold by Herr Display Vans, ACDV and Bush Specialty Vehicles. It is the handle also found on many trucks in the HVAC and Plumbing industry that use a Supreme Body.  If your trade truck resembles the two you see here, get this handle. 

The 5/16" shank on this handle is 3.25", and you cut the length to fit your application. 
The mounting plate is 5 3/4" tall and 1 1/2" wide. 

Note:  if you have a Supreme Spartan work body, we sell the OEM handle that has a 1 1/2" shank and it fits without cutting.  But you can also use this handle by trimming the shank, it is easy to do.

We have learned through experience that a door handle isn't usually a planned purchase, so we send these Priority Mail, which has a lower charge to you than UPS.  We ship same day.  To many US destinations in the US there is a 2-day delivery time for $8.  Plus, Saturday is a regular delivery day.  You can get faster delivery at an increased cost, contact us for information.

** If you cannot use USPS for your address, please let us know, we will send this handle by UPS **

If this is the only item you purchase and the UPS total calculated by our system is more, we will reduce your shipping charge to $8 and credit you back the difference.  Canada is extra.

Specs: Locking Handle with Blind Mount, 5/16 shaft. Black textured finish. You might have to cut the shaft to fit.  Locks with the key, 2 keys included.

Please let us know in the comments if you prefer UPS.  Thank you!

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